mugiwara nakama

*strums electric guitar*

Oh Hello there. I am the Iron Dragon Slayer - Gajeel Redfox and a proud member of Fairy Tail.

*strums electric guitar*

Both mages and common people say that I do have plenty of talents.

*strums electric guitar*


Oh Levy, Levy, I'll make you biiiigg. Shoo-be-doo-bop.

Levy . LEEEVVVYY . Shoooo .

*strums electric guitar*



GajeelRedfox has one week left to post.


If not, we’ll take him off of the list.

sorry, okay, am was busy the last few weeks, that’s why. :D Don’t worry, I’ll cope for my absences. 



-natsuishere-deactivated2012022 asked: Oy, if you like so much Levy, Why you no marry her? te-he :3

*metal punch Natsu’s face* Why you?! URGH! You see, I … am … getting more confidence for that. :D 

lisannaft-deactivated20120127 asked: *hugs back* :D
Oh I tought Happy's having a job with Charle anyway thanks for telling ^_^
How's Panther by the way? And also Levy-chan? :)

Eh? I really don’t know. Aw. Maybe that’s why Panther is always angry everytime. LOL. Happy and Charle didn’t include Panther to join them. haha. Levy? Uhm. She’s doing fine. 


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lisannaft-deactivated20120127 asked: Hey there Gajeel.
How are yah? ^_^
And have you seen Natsu? :3

Lisanna! *hugs* I’m fine, I am fine. Thanks for asking, though. And Natsu? Uhmm. I guess he took a job together with Happy. Well I really don’t know Lisanna. Sorry. 

Will spam Levy for Chap 234. :”>

levyft asked: Tag, you're it!

Here are the rules:

Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves. You have to choose and tag ten people . Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them. No tag backs.

from Hikariromance ( AKA: Worldotaku)

1. I like Levy. 

2. I like Panther. 

3. I like Metallica. 

4. I like Levy again. 

5. I love metals. 

6. I am a GOOD singer. Deal with it guys. 

7. I am strong! 

8. I am a former foe.

9. I like Fairy Tail! 

10. I like Levy. again and again. :D 

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